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Helenio Herrera: Underrated Moderniser

Helenio Herrera is regarded as one of the greatest managers in football history, but his name is also frequently tarnished by a perceived link to the most unfashionable system: catenaccio. The word catenaccio has come to mean something more than that which it originally described: negative, cynical, overly-defensive. It is used by many as a convenient insult to throw at Italian teams, even when their play has nothing to do with the tactic. Owing to his success at Inter in the 1960s, Herrera is often referred to as the man behind the system. (more…)

Adapting To Circumstances: The Tactics Behind Calcio’s Revival

There was a rather curious romanticism surrounding Juventus’ Champions League progression as the 2014-15 season developed. Having thrashed Borussia Dortmund in the second round and held out against Monaco in the quarter-finals, the Bianconeri overcame Real Madrid in the last four, essentially becoming victorious underdogs. (more…)

2015 Grande 50

Welcome to Grande 50, a new and exclusive feature brought to you by Tactical Calcio. The aim here is to present you with the best young talent in all of Italian football on an annual basis, starting right now in 2015. (more…)