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As of October 2016, Tactical Calcio and The Gentleman Ultra became one. To read the latest Italian match analyses, player profiles, coaching philosophies and tactical theory, head on over to TGU’s ‘Tactical’ section.

“The Italian league is the tactical league” – Jose Mourinho

Founded in April 2015, Tactical Calcio offers a unique look into the immutable combination of tactics and calcio.

Our primary interest is the coaches, players, systems and styles that have made and continue to make Italian football a cerebral pursuit. Here, you will find match analysis, focus on specific individuals and teams, as well as features regarding classic calcio.

We will also, on the rarest of occasions, delve into other topics pertaining to tactics or calcio but not both. Nonetheless, our main objective remains to study, learn and write about Italian football from a tactical perspective.

Tactical Calcio is proud to be part of the Guardian Sport Network.