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Juventus vs. Napoli: Daniele Rugani Pass

Massimiliano Allegri had doubts about including Daniele Rugani prior to Juventus’ hosting Napoli on Saturday night. He shouldn’t have been concerned.

With Giorgio Chiellini out injured, Allegri switched from his customary back three to a back four, with Andrea Barzagli and Leonardo Bonucci in central defence. However Bonucci picked up a strain and had to be substituted, forcing the Bianconeri coach into bringing on Rugani.

Above the 21-year-old shows his awareness in the early stages of Juventus’ possession phase in a one-two with Sami Khedira. Immediately after passing to the German he moves diagonally backwards to the right and shifts his body position to open up a passing lane in the right half-space, where he finds Paulo Dybala, breaking two lines of Napoli pressure in the process.


Words by Blair Newman. Video by Flavio Fusi.

Flavio Fusi is a football writer who specialises in tactics and analytics. He writes for l’Ultimo Uomo and Stats Bomb, among others. View Flavio’s full portfolio here. For more video content like this, check out his Vimeo channel here. Follow him on Twitter @FlaFu_tbol.

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